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Christian Embryo Adoption Network is a non-profit completely free website for donors and adoptive families. Our goal is education on embryo adoption and donation and providing a safe environment for adoptive and donor couples to meet. 


Did IVF or other fertility treatments not work?


Are you interested in embryo adoption but are not sure how it works?


The Embryo Adoption Project wants to help both adoptive parents and donor parents connect!



Christian Embryo Adoption Network is a website that facilitates Direct Donor Donation/Adoption through profile searching. It is very similar to a dating website in this way. Because we are a faith based website, some of our profile questions revolve around faith beliefs to help facilitate finding a better match with a donor family.

1. You adopt directly from a donor couple…

Direct embryo adoption allows the embryo donor family and the adoptive family to “directly” meet  and match through private profiles. This allows both the donor and adoptive couples to control all aspects of the process.

2. You can pick your type of adoption (open, semi-open or closed). 

Most traditional adoption agencies will restrict you to open adoption.  Direct Embryo Adoption lets you pick the type of adoption that works for you:  open adoption, semi-open or closed adoption Most donors seem to prefer semi-open adoption. 

3. You will "own" your embryos once your adoption contracts are finalized.

Once your contracts are signed you have complete legal ownership of the embryos. There is no waiting period ( like when a baby is adopted ) where the donors can change their mind and you as an adoptive couple are in limbo. You may wait or immediately decide to pursue frozen embryo transfer.

4. You will be able to experience the joys of pregnancy.

With traditional adoption you have not control over the pregancy. When you experience pregnancy with embryo adoption, you will have the security in knowing your baby will not have been exposed to drugs or alcohol. You will be able to feel their kicks and see them on ultrasound. Hearing their first cries after birth is a beautiful experience.

5. Direct adoption cost less than IVF, domestic and embryo adoption through a traditional adoption agency.

IVF, domestic adoption and embryo adoption can be very expensive. This cost prevents many couples from completing their families. Direct Embryo Adoption is less expensive for adoptive families.  The money that is saved by not paying overhead in an adoption agency, helps adoptive families afford more Frozen Embryo Transfers.

6. There are no contracts.

Many adoption agencys will have you complete a contract. With these contracts you are not allowed to pursue other ways to grow your family. You may have a profile on Embryo Adoption Project and continue to pursue fertility treatment or traditional adoption.



What are the requirements for Adoptive Family Membership?

  1. Christian Embryo Adoption Network is a place for Christians to Network, thus you need to be a "Christian".
  2. Christian Embryo Adoption Network adheres to the Biblical Standards of Marriage and Family, thus you need to be in a  a male/female relationship and married.

What are adoption and embryo donation profiles?

Both adoptive and donor profiles have basic introduction information included. In the profile you will be able to message the donor family directly through our internal email system if you would like to pursue a connection.

How does embryo adoption work?

7 Steps of Direct Embryo Adoption

1. Fill out a free embryo adoption profile at

2. Search through Embryo Donor profiles

3. Contact potential donor couples through our private email system

4. Proceed with face to face contact through video conference or in person when ready.

5. Contact a contract lawyer when ready to adopt.

6. After contracts are finalized you own the embryos and you will take over storage fees

7. Congratulations on starting your Journey toward growing your family! You will now work with your fertility doctor on fullfilling your dreams to become pregnant.

Can embryos be bought or sold?

In the United States embryos can not be sold, but can be donated to another couple.

What does embryo adoption cost?

Embryo Adoption Project is a non-profit completely FREE website for donors and adoptive families. Our website facilitates Direct Donor Donation/Adoption through profile searching. It is very similar to a dating website in this way. After being choosen to adopt embryos, you will need a contract transferring ownership of embryos to the you. Average embryo donation contracts overseen by a lawyer range from $500 to $1500. You would need to contact the lawyer you are interested in and check their fees. Both adoptive and donor families should have a lawyer to protect their own intrest.

What are the different types of embryo adoption?


Open adoption wants more involvement if a child is born after adoption of the embryos. The contracts may specify meeting and general contact requirements between the child and the donor family.


A semi-open generally has some contact after the adoption is completed. The donor family would like to know if and how many children the embryos produced. They may request general information on the birth, photos and may be interested in contact in the future…but not required.


A closed adoption does not allow any contact after the adoption of the embryos. The donor does not want to know if the embryos produce a baby and do not want to have any contact with the adoptive family after the adoption is completed.

Do you need a home study with embryo adoption?

It depends on what your donor family wants.  You may have already had a home study or may be totally willing to do a home study. Be sure to mention this in your profile if this applys to you. An adoption home study is used to verify that the adoptive family is ready, on an emotional, financial and physical level, to adopt and raise a child. The adoptive family pays for the home study. Home studies cost between $1000 to $3000

What are you looking for as an embryo adoptive family?

You may be looking for a specific type of adoption ( open, semi-open or closed ). You may be interested in connecting to a donor couple with similar faith beliefs to you. Our search option allows you to narrow your focus when you are connecting to donors.

How do I become an embryo adoptive family?

You are interested in embryo adoption, you only need to fill out a profile. Profiles typically take about 10 minutes to fill out. You may skip questions and come back and fill them out at a later date if needed. Once your profile is accepted you may start looking at donor profiles.

How do I contact an embryo donor family I am interested in?

Both Adoptive and donor profiles have basic introduction information included. In the profile you will be able to message the donor family directly through our internal email system if you would like to pursue a connection.

Is my identity protected when matching during embryo adoption/donation?

Your identity is protected in your profile. Your profile will only show your first name. We don’t show your name, address or personal information. The only information available for the donor to see is what you fill out on your profile questions.

How does the embryo adoption matching search engine work?

The search engine allows you to narrow the profiles you would like to view by specific search criteria. Currently you would have the ability to search by adoption type and religious faith view.

Embryo Donation Profiles

How to put your best foot forward?

We highly recommend filling out the profile completely. Unless your profile is hidden, adoptive couples will be able to view your profile and contact you. If you are looking for specific qualities in an adoptive couple, you may state them in your profile so adoptive couples will know if they match what you are looking for.

How do I fill out an embryo adoption profile?

Click this link to start your profile. It is very simple and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Start Your Profile Here

What does my embryo adoption profile look like to the embryo donor family?

Your profile contains your first names, the photo images you have uploaded, the text on the profile you have provided.

Should I add a Photo to my embryo adoption profile?

We do recommend some type of photo. You should pick a photo that is very flattering of you and your spouse. This is the first impression an embryo donor family sees. You want them to know you put thought into your profile.

Connecting with a potential embryo donor family

Browse the donor family directory you will find on the right sidebar in your profile page, once you find a donor family you would like to connect with browse to their profile and click on the private message link

Getting to know the embryo donor family

Once you have contacted a donor family you may choose to correspond over the internal email. When you are comfortable you may opt to proceed with face to face contact through video conference or in person.

What the embryo donor family will want to know

An embryo donor family will want to know more about you and your spouse personally. They may also want to know more about your fertilitiy issues. They will want to know if the wife has the ability to carry a pregnancy to term and if not if you have plans for a surragate. They may request information from your fertility doctor verifying they think you have the ability to carry a baby to term.

How to hide your embryo adoption profile

To hide your profile go to: Profile/Settings/Profile Privacy. You will then need to change the answer on "Who can see your profile?" from everyone to "only me"

Embryo Adoption Lawyer and Contracts

Why do I need a embryo donation contract?

Cryopreservation Facilities will not allow transferring of ownership of embryos without a signed contract overseen by a lawyer. A contract protects you and the adoptive family. Your lawyer will have a list of common things an adoption contract will cover.

How do I find an embryo donation lawyer for contracts?

You may find a lawyer by word of mouth or social connections. You may also find a local adoption attorney through an internet search. A good source of lawyers who specialize in embryo adoption is on the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys Directory.

Embryo Adoption Attorney Directory

How much does a embryo donation lawyer and contract cost?

Average embryo donation contract prices range from $500 to $1500. You would need to contact the embryo adoption lawyer you are interested in and check their fees.

What happens after the Embryo donation contracts are signed?

Who contacts the embryo cryopreservation facility?

You will need to contact the cryopreservation facility and let them know you have donated your embryos and when the adoptive family will take over payments. They will request a copy of the contract before releasing the embryos to the adoptive family.

Who transfers the embryos to a different facility after embryo donation?

The Adoptive family will find a transportation company and will pay them to transfer the embryos. Generally their fertility specialist will give them recommendations.


The act of helping other couples achieve their desired pregnancy is an emotional benefit and provides a valuable destination for the embryos that would have remained cryopreserved.



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