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donating embryos to other couples

Embryo donation -vs- destruction: where do you stand?

Would you consider donating your embryos to another couple vs destroying your embryos? When I was searching for options, I  asked one of the largest embryo cryopreservation labs what I should do with my remaining embryos now that we had finished growing our family.

The voice on the other end of the phone said “We can just destroy your embryos.” 

I sat in stunned silence. Did I just hear him correctly???

Did he not have any understanding of how those embryos came to be and what we had to go through to get them??? 

These embryos were the siblings to my children.

Was this the kind of mindset we entrusted these precious potential lives to???

It was said so matter of factly as if it were standard operating procedure. Sadly, he gave no other available options.

My thoughts rolled around in my head processing the statement. All of our hopes and dreams were packaged in those tiny frozen embryos and within the span of this short conversation, they were casually dismissed. The future siblings of our children ... destroyed.

I felt a sense of betrayal. 

I knew there were other couples going through the same heartache and struggles we did when starting our family. 

Struggling to get pregnant, going through IVF, and accepting the reality of the substantial financial cost. 

Why couldn’t we help couples who failed their IVF cycle or didn’t have the financial resources to go through IVF by donating our unused and still perfectly good frozen embryos? 

And why does it seem that fertility doctors and cryopreservation labs push embryo destruction vs embryo donation?

Embryo donation allows you to make the dreams of another family come true.


After researching possible alternatives for my precious embryos I finally found the answer to my struggle: Embryo Donation. 

I decided to help another couple struggling to complete their family by donating my frozen and still perfectly good embryos through embryo donation. I could give another couple the opportunity to become pregnant and witness the joys of birth. My gift would allow them to have a family.

I want to be the hero in someone else's story.


I choose to donate and not destroy my embryos and with donation find a loving home for these little potential lives. There is another way. I can give others the gift of family through embryo donation.

Embryo Donation -vs- Destruction: Would you consider donating your embryos to another couple vs destroying your embryos? Would you like to meet couples seeking to fulfill their dreams through embryo adoption? Embryo Adoption Project (EAP) is a website that allows you to privately view adoptive couple's profiles and donate your embryos to a couple you feel a connection with.  You can choose to donate your embryos as an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. Be a hero in someone else’s story. 

To find out more about embryo adoption go to Embryo Adoption Project.



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