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Are you feeling guilty about donating your embryos? Did you struggle with getting pregnant and you finally choose IVF to grow your family? Were you surprised that you had embryos left after finishing growing your family?

Do you love the concept of donating your embryos, but struggle with actually taking the steps to donate?

You are not alone. There are over 1 million embryos frozen in the United States and it is estimated that over 100,000 embryos could be donated. 

I also struggled to become pregnant and had multiple IVF procedures. I had feelings of guilt about donating my embryos. So, I kept the following thoughts in mind to help me overcome my fears:

6 Thoughts to Help With the Guilt and Fear of Embryo Donation

1. God values life...even my unborn embryos.
Every embryo has the potential to grow into a beautiful child. Embryos are souls frozen in stasis.

 2. You have only 3 options with 2 outcomes:
You can choose to destroy your embryos, give to science (still destruction) or donate for a chance at life.

3. Keeping your embryos frozen forever is not an answer.
Don’t force this decision on your children through your indecision. Just like not having a will to protect your living children in case of your death, not making a decision leads to the potential destruction, abandonment or donation to a family that does not share your faith and beliefs. 

4. Abandoning your embryos can lead to destroying them.
The law is tricky. Unless your cryopreservation facility has you sign a contract that allows donation if they are abandoned for nonpayment (even if it is not intentional on your part), they will generally choose destruction as the least complicated option. 

5. But…..How do I know that the surviving embryos, my children’s siblings will have a good life and be raised in the faith unless I raise them?
You and your spouse might be killed in a car wreck tomorrow. If you were killed in an accident, would you want your living children killed because you could not be there to raise them? No, you would have a will that designates who would raise your living children. You would hope and pray that the family you had chosen would continue to raise them like you would. It is the same for your embryos. You are choosing the best option to give them the gift of life and choosing a family that you think will raise them to love the Lord.

There are no guarantees in life, but...

6. Trust in God...God has a plan.
He has a plan for your living children and your embryos. Don’t let your fear and guilt keep these souls frozen in stasis instead of living the life God meant for them to have.

You don't need to keep feeling guilty about donating your embryos.

Embryo Adoption Project is here to help you find the perfect match for your embryos. Our website is designed to keep your information private as you search adoptive family profiles. For more information on Embryo Donation check us out at Embryo Adoption Project



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