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How does embryo adoption work?

The simplified version is donor and adoptive family connect. They like each other. A lawyer provides a contract that both parties agree to and the embryos are transferred from the donor couple to the adoptive couple. The adoptive couple then may move the embryos to their fertility specialist if needed. The adoptive couple will proceed with frozen embryo transfer and a new family is born.

Is embryo adoption really adoption?

Embryo adoption is not technically adoption in the United States, because embryos are considered property. Per our lawyer, who specializes in standard adoption and embryo adoption, this is a good thing. Because they are considered property, it is much simpler to transfer embryos to a new couple. Once a contract is written and documents signed the new couple has complete ownership of the embryos.

Should our fertility specialist get involved?

Adoptive families should talk to their fertility specialist about the costs and requirements of a frozen embryo transfer. Once you have a potential match, you can request your specialist review information about the embryos you desire to adopt. This will help you make an informed decision on whether to pursue adoption.

Do we need a lawyer?

The short version is yes, absolutely.

A generic contract off of the internet will not work. No fertility facility is going to allow transfer of embryo ownership without the proper documentation, that only a lawyer can provide. A lawyer is going to work with the two families and help include important information such as what happens to the embyos if the adoptive couple dies before using them or if there are embryos left after a couple has completed their family, who is responsible for rehoming them.

Who pays for the lawyer?

The adoptive couple typically pays for the lawyer who creates the contract, but the donor couple should have their own lawyer to review the contract.

Can embryos be moved?

Yes, If you live in different areas you can have the embryos moved to the clinic of the new families fertility specialist. There are several companies that specialize in shipping embryos. Your fertility specialist can provide you the information you need.

PSALMS 127:3

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How we can help

We help bring together families of like, faith, and beliefs. Christian Embryo Adoption Network  provides a secure site where you can view profiles and contact potential matches to pursue embryo adoption. 

How do we meet our match?

First, you will need to register and fill out a profile. Profile questions are tailored to adoptive or donor members. All of the questions will need to be filled out. We do encourage you to post a photo, but it is not required. Be personal and honest. This allows both sides to evaluate compatibility before contacting a potential match.

Once you have found a potential match?

You may contact them through the website. If the other family is interested you may opt to pursue contact outside of the website by Email, Phone calls or video chat.

Once you have found a match you need to contact a lawyer. Embryos can not be sold in the United States, but you must work through a lawyer to legally transfer embryos from one couple to another. A fertility clinic will not move embryos without appropriate contracts in place.

Once the contracts have been signed, the adoptive family may proceed with moving the embryos if necessary and work with their fertility specialist toward embryo transfer.

Then, let us know so we can celebrate with you!



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Are you interested in donation but are not sure how it works?

Christian Embryo Adoption Network wants to help you find your perfect match. 

Christian Embryo Adoption Network is a non-profit completely free website for donors and adoptive families. Our goal is education on embryo adoption and donation and providing a safe environment for adoptive and donor couples to meet. 


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